Cade’s Galactosemia



Cade was born with Classic Galactosemia.  We learned that he had this when he was seven days old.  Galactosemia is a condition in which a person can not break down galactose, a simple sugar.  If dietary changes are not made, galactose levels increase in the body and can cause permanent damage.

Galactose can be found in many foods.  It is also produced when the body breaks down lactose.  So patients with Galactosemia have to avoid foods with galactose and with lactose in it.

Cade was switched to Similac Soy Formula on day 7 of life.  We are now learning which ingredients he must avoid as he starts to eat baby food and table food.  We see a metabolic specialist every three months and follow labwork that let us know how much galactose he has in his blood. 


Cade - 8 months old

About Galactosemia:

Here are a few websites providing a basic explanation of Galactosemia.

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